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Family Trauma Research and Treatment

The Ananda Institute is unique in the county in that it is staffed by professionals with an extraordinary amount of experience and training with populations impacted by the constellation of issues associated with domestic violence and family trauma. The Ananda Institute has training contracts with the departments of probation in Mendocino, Sonoma, and Lake Counties and a training contract with the Sonoma County Superior Court Judicial and support staff. Based on the experience of these training contracts practical intervention and prevention efforts are being made to decrease the rates of child abuse and familial trauma/violence in our community.

The Ananda Institute, under the umbrella of the Family Trauma Research & Treatment Program, has been asked by the Sonoma County Family Court to develop services for families and parents under Family Code 3151, to address the tripartite issues of child abuse, domestic violence and substance abuse. What has evolved, in order to address these issues, is the "Parenting Partnership Program (PPP), a court mandated parenting program for adult and teen parents. The focus of the "Parenting Partnership Program," is to provide both therapeutic and remedial skill building for parents involved with the Sonoma County Family Court via custodial revisions, restraining orders, and separation and/or divorce proceedings. By gaining access to these families in periods of significant emotional and situational transition, the occurrence of child abuse and/or domestic violence should be minimized.



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