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Conflict Management and Mediation

The Clinical Mediation Service (CMS) of Ananda Institute is the newest program in our family of conflict resolution services. CMS is specifically designed for parents who are planning child custody and visitation arrangements during divorce or separation.

When an adult relationship fractures or dissolves, the potential for overwhelming conflict greatly increases. In this context, anger, betrayal or other feelings of emotional injury can eclipse parents’ abilities to keep the interests of their children foremost in mind. At the same time parents need help recognizing that when they separate or divorce, the close of the marital relationship does not mean the end of parenting relationships. Out of divorce, new families form and need strengthening—with the ongoing care of loving parents who wish to help their children grow and mature well.

At Ananda Institute our professionals are here to help. We bring clinical skill and insight to the work of navigating details and making decisions when parents partition households. Our aim is to open lines of communication, restore balance, and promote collaboration. We help clients focus on planning for their children, rather than against each other. We facilitate the effort to create joint living arrangements that honor a child’s need to love and respect each of his parents. In addition, we can develop individualized plans for issues and concerns beyond the scope of custody planning.

The basic program is limited to five, two-hour meetings over a 3- to 5-week period, at a cost of $150 per meeting, and a documentation fee of $125. The end product is a written agreement that can be formalized through each parent’s attorneys, or submitted directly to Family/Probate Court. In the event that an agreement cannot be reached, we do provide a summary of the issues and obstacles to resolution. However, we do not make custody recommendations.

The program directors, Dr. Joaquin Sanchez and Dr. Rosa Thomas-Lawrence, are experienced in conflict resolution, as well as child and family therapy. For inquiries into the Clinical Mediation Service, as well as other family services of the Community Counseling Service at Ananda Institute, please contact Dr. Sanchez at 544-4441, extension 342, or Dr. Lawrence at extension 343.



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