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Chemical Dependency Recovery Program

Chemical dependency is characterized by reliance on mood-or mind-altering chemicals that include alcohol, street drugs and certain prescription medications. Chemical dependency is often a chronic and progressive condition that can harm every facet of an individual's life and potentially result in death.

The CDRP is grounded in an educational and process orientation steeped in concepts and philosophies derived from a number of effective substance abuse treatment and recovery support models, including 12-Step models. It is an ever-evolving process continuously shaped by the contributions of its participants. The quality the individual must impart to the process is willingness to work on personal recovery.

  • Urinalysis screening for program participants and business clients;
  • On-site intervention, prevention, and educational programs;
  • Off-site screening and treatment services

As a United Way Agency, the Chemical Dependency Recovery Program serves the tri-county area of Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino. The program has on going contact with 50 clients and serves approximately 125 clients a month. The ethnic and racial makeup and the socio-economic status of the clientele is representative of the tri-county area.



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